Gowri is a visual teaching artist whose practice includes sculpture, illustration and writing. Born in England, she moved to the US in 2007. Savoor has been a teaching artist for over 20 years with experience in arts integration and community building. She has partnered with multiple organizations in the UK and across the US, including Community Engagement Lab (VT), Lincoln Center Education (NY), The Learning Alliance (FL), and ITAC, the International Teaching Artist Collaborative.
Savoor is the instigator of A River of Light, a movement committed to bringing art to the community through participatory art events, lantern parades and installations. She is also the co-founder of Teaching Artists Connect which provides creative and inspiring professional development workshops for teaching artists and educators. Gowri is the creator of Tiny Hero Tales.

Professional Experience:

2000 –      Visual Teaching Artist. Extensive work in the UK & USA.  Includes project management, professional development sessions, and workshop facilitation in K-12 schools, colleges, museums, and galleries with a diverse range of community groups

2022-        IMPACT: Climate Project Manager for ITAC (International Teaching Artist Collaborative)

2021-          Co-Founder, Teaching Artists Connect

2019-         Creator of Tiny Hero Tales

2018 –         Founder of A River of Light: Lights, Luminaries & Lantern Processions 

2010-2017       Artistic Director for the River of Light Community Lantern Procession and workshop
program, Waterbury, VT

2013-2023       Staff Teaching Artist, Community Engagement Lab, VT

2008-2009      International residencies coordinator and development assistant for the Vermont
Studio Center, Johnson, VT

1997-2001   Graphic designer. Print, product, and packaging

selected exhibition record
solo and two person exhibitions
Mar ‘20 ‘We Speak the Same Language’, Christine Price, Gallery, Castleton, VT
Mar ’18  ‘We Walk in their Shadows’, Brattleboro Museum of Art, Brattleboro, VT
Nov ‘16   ‘Between Two Worlds’, Gallery 64, Montpelier VT
Oct ‘16   ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’, The Red Mill Gallery at Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT
Sep ‘16   ‘Peripheral Vision’, Champlain College Gallery, Burlington, VT
Mar ‘12   Spotlight Gallery, Vermont Arts Council, Montpelier,  VT
Dec ‘08   ‘A Line’s Life’ , Red Mill Gallery, Johnson, VT
Sep ‘07   ’Seed’, Red Mill Gallery, Johnson, VT
Mar ‘11    Duke and Savoor, two-person show, Helen Day Art Center, Stowe, VT
Mar ‘10   ‘Surroundings: Arnold & Savoor’, two-person show, The Front, New Orleans, LA

group exhibitions
June ‘18   Fragile’, West Branch Gallery, Stowe, VT
Jan ‘17   ‘In the Details’, curated by Carleen Zimbalatti. SEABA, Burlington, VT
Jun ‘16   ‘A Journey Across Boundaries’, Chandler Center for the Arts, Randolph, VT. Curated by Gowri Savoor and Angelo Arnold
Oct ‘15   ‘Eyes on the Land’, Shelburne Museum Pizzagalli Center, Shelburne, VT
Apr ‘15   ‘Back to Nature’, Vermont Metro Gallery, BCA Center, Burlington, VT
Jan ‘15   ‘Art of Place’, Chandler Center for the Arts, Randolph, VT
Jan ‘14   ‘Textured’, Vermont Metro Gallery, BCA Center, Burlington, VT
Sep ‘13   ‘Of Land and Local’, curated by BCA Center.  The Carving
Center, Rutland, Shelburne Farms, Burlington, VT
Sep ‘13   ‘Repetition’, The Drawing Room Gallery, Cos Cob, CT
Jun ‘13   ‘Rejuvenation’, Furchgott Sourdiffe Gallery, Shelburne, VT
Sep ‘12   ‘Full Circle ‘, Kent Museum, Calais, VT. Group exhibition and interactive Rangoli drawing installation
Jul ‘12   Volo Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
Jun ‘12   ‘End of Chaos, End of Emptiness’, Winooski Pop-Up Gallery District, VT
Jun ‘12   ‘Whale Oil to Whole Foods’, GCCA Catskill Gallery & Cornell Cooperative’s AgroForestry Center, NY
Oct ‘11   ‘East Meets West’, Claypool-Young Art Gallery, Morehead State University,  KY
Jun ‘11   MFA Boston Spring Benefit & Silent Auction, Boston,  MA
Apr ‘11   Three-person juried exhibition, Pearl Conard Art Gallery, Ohio State University, Mansfield, OH
Feb ‘11   Green Light III, Bank of America Plaza, Charlotte, NC. Curated by Joie Lassiter Gallery
Dec ‘10   ‘Figuration Today: the Surrealist Influence’, Emerson Gallery, Mclean Project for the Arts, Mclean, VA
Sep ‘10   ‘You Are Here’, Pratt Manhattan Gallery, New York City, NY
Sep ‘10   ‘On the Planet’, national juried show, Studio Place Arts, Barre, VT
 Jan ‘10   ‘No New Tale to Tell’, national juried show, Claypool-Young ArtGallery, MSU, KY
Sep ‘09   ‘50 Artists, 50 States, 50 Mediums’, juried show, The EclipseGallery, Algoma, WI
Aug‘09   ‘Paper Planes’, juried show, SAVAC, Toronto, Canada
Jul ‘09   ‘Exposed 09’, juried Outdoor Sculpture Show, Stowe, VT
Sep ‘08   Juried show, National Arts Club, Gramercy Park, New York, NY
Sep ‘08   ‘Bestiarum Vocabulum’, invitational, Rosenberg Gallery, Goucher College, Baltimore, MD
Aug ‘08   ‘Johnson Works: Downtown Outdoor Sculpture Show’, juried show, Johnson, VT
May ‘08   ‘Metaphor Minds’, invitational, Julian Scott Memorial Gallery, Johnson, VT
Oct ‘07   Nature Scopes, Geumgang Nature Art Pre-Biennale, Korea
Jul ‘07   ‘Exposed’, Juried Outdoor Sculpture Show, Stowe, VT
Jul ‘05   10th Hebden Bridge Sculpture Trail, Juried show, Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire UK
Jun ‘05   ‘Garden of Delights’, juried show, Platt Fields, Manchester UK
Oct ‘02   ‘Moving Stories’, People’s History Museum, Manchester UK
July ‘02   ‘Together as One’, Juried Show, Commonwealth programme, Chester
Tree Festival, Chester UK

2021/22/23   ‘Under the Silver Moon,’ community lantern parade and workshop program, Town of Cary, NC
2015   Burlington’s 150th Birthday Lantern Parade and workshop program for Burlington City Arts, Burlington, VT
2006   COM-ART Creative Symposium, Creative Documentation, Manchester, UK
2006   Irlam and Cadishead Arts Festival – design and production of site decor.
2006   ‘The Paper Boat Bike’, mobile boat sculpture. Commissioned byWalk the Plank.
 2006   Exodus Refugee Festival. Design and production of site decor.Commissioned by CAN
 2005   10m2 giant gameboard, ‘Play it Safe’. Commissioned by Ordsall Community Arts
2004   ‘Greatest Show on Earth’, stage set design and production for Eastfeast, Manchester
2004   ‘Now We Talkin’, stage set design and production for CAN. Zion Centre, Hulme
2004   ‘Bombay Bovine’, Cow Parade Manchester. Sited at Piccadilly Station, Platform 10
2003   ‘Lighting the Way’, Commissioned by Bury Metropolitan Borough Council, Radcliffe, Bury
2003   ‘Lazy Summer Days’, bird-kite willow sculptures for People’sHistory Museum
2002   ‘Urban Skies’, stage set design & production, commissioned for Cultureshock by CAN
2001   Giant silk bow, opening of Lowry Designer Outlet centre, for Emerson construction
2001   Stage set design and production, for The Lowry, Salford
1994   Design and production 250 hand-painted tiles for Casa Tapas, Manchester
1994   Design and production of 1000 hand-painted tiles for La Tasca, Deansgate, Manchester

public works and permanent collections
2016    ‘Wish’, commissioned by Redstone Housing Development, Burlington, VT
2015    ‘Black Locust Journey’, commissioned by BCA for Fletcher Allen Medical Center
2014    ‘This Place’, Arthur’s Housing Development, Morrisville, VT
2008   ‘Adaptation/6’ Stearns Hall, Johnson State College, Johnson, VT
2008   ‘We Whisper to One Another’, Elmore Mountain Bread, Elmore, VT
2005   ‘Sea Tremors’ Manchester Dental Hospital. Manchester,  UK
2005   Surestart Children’s Center, Flowery Field, Hyde, UK

teaching artist educational residencies
2024 Lantern-Making Workshop Program, Medfield, MA
2022 Lantern-Making Workshop Program, St. Louis, MS
2019 Lantern-Making Residency and Procession, Belmont, NH
2019 Lantern-Making Residency and River Procession, Chocorua Lake, NH
2019 Arts-integrated residency, Winooski High School, VT
2019 Arts-integrated residency, Winooski Middle School, VT
2019 Lantern-Making Residency and Procession, Union Elementary School, Montpelier, VT
2019 Rangoli residency, The Calais School, VT
2018 Lantern-Making Residency and Procession, Children and the Arts, Peterborough, NH
2018 Arts-integrated residency, ‘The Confluence Project’, in conjunction with the Vermont Performance Lab and the Guilford School, Guilford, VT
2018 Lantern-Making Residency, Lyndon Town, VT
2018 Winds of Change social-emotional Residency at the Burke Town School, Burke, VT
2018/19 10-week Arts Residency for the Head Start Family Literacy Center, Barre, VT
2017 Lantern-Making Residency and Procession, Germantown Friends School, Germantown PA
2017 ‘Geode’, Lantern-residency and workshop program,  in collaboration with Champlain College and the Peace Paper Project, Champlain College, VT
2017 Arts-integrated residency, ‘Scratch the Surface’, in conjunction with the Community Engagement Lab and U32 High School. Stage-set design and production for the John Jorgenson performance at Barre Opera House, VT
2017 Arts-integrated residency in conjunction with the Community Engagement Lab and Stowe Elementary School, Stowe, VT
2017 Lantern-Making Residency and Procession, Union Elementary School, Montpelier, VT
2017 Rangoli Residency, River Rock School, Montpelier VT
2016 Lantern-Making Residency and Procession, Bolton and Richmond School District, Bolton, VT
2016  River of Light Lantern Procession, Thatcher Brook Primary School, Waterbury, VT
2016 Arts-integrated residency, Integrated Arts Academy, Burlington, VT
2016  Rangoli Cultural Residency, The Danville School, Danville, VT
2016  Arts-integrated residency, ‘The Wall’, in conjunction with the Community Engagement Lab and Montpelier High School. Stage-set design and production for the Evelyn Glennie performance at Barre Opera House, VT
2016  Arts-integrated residency in conjunction with the Community Engagement Lab and the St. Johnsbury School, St. Johnsbury, VT
2016  Across the Universe Lantern Parade, Essex School District, Essex, VT
2016  Winter’s Peace Lantern Parade, Allen Brook School, Williston, VT
2015  River of Light Lantern Procession, Thatcher Brook Primary School, Waterbury, VT
2015   Stage-Set design and production for ‘We Are Montpelier’, Montpelier Middle School, Montpelier, VT
2015   Lantern-Making Residency and Procession, Ferrisburgh Elementary School, Ferrisburgh, VT
2015   Lantern-Making Residency and Procession, Union Elementary School, Montpelier, VT
2015   Rangoli Residency, Georgia Elementary School, Georgia, VT
2014   River of Light Lantern Procession, Thatcher Brook Primary School, Waterbury, VT
2014  Arts-integrated Rangoli residency, Integrated Arts Academy, Burlington, VT
2013   The Rumney School Winter Lantern Parade, Rumney Memorial School, Middlesex, VT
2013   Rangoli Cultural Residency, Essex Middle School, Essex, VT
2012   The Newton School Lantern Parade, The Newton School, Strafford, VT
2012   The Illuminated Forest Lantern Parade, Hyde Park Elementary School, Hyde Park, VT
2012   River of Light Lantern Procession, Thatcher Brook Primary School, Waterbury, VT
2011   River of Light Lantern Procession, Waterbury, VT
2010   River of Light Lantern Procession, Thatcher Brook Primary School, Waterbury, VT
2009   Cultural Residency, Thatcher Brook Primary School, Waterbury,  VT
2006   Churchtown Primary School, Southport, UK
2003   Stage-set design and production, Properjob Theatre Company, Barnsley, UK

artist residencies
2021 The Hermitage Artist Retreat, FL
2016   Marble House Project, VT
2016   Champlain College MakerLab, Burlington, VT
2006   Vermont Studio Centre, Johnson, VT
2005   Hebden Bridge Sculpture Trail, Yorkshire, UK
2001   Lancaster House, Barbados

visiting artist lectures, public presentations and institutes
2022 Presenter at the Sixth International Teaching Artist Conference (ITAC), Oslo, Norway
2021 Presenter at TEACH, Global Climate Conference
2019 Creativity Charrette, Shelburne Museum, VT
2018 Presenter at the Fourth International Teaching Artist Conference (ITAC), New York, NY
2018 Interactive Rangoli Performance at Vermont Statehouse for Arts Advocacy Day, VT
2018 Visiting Lecturer, Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT
2017  Keynote Speaker, New Hampshire Art Education Conference, NH
2016/17  Presenter at the Flynn Center Summer Arts Literacy Institute, VT
2016/17/18  Instructor and Parade Organizer, Lincoln Center Education, NY
2016/17   Presenter at the Moonshot Summer Teachers’ Institute, The Learning Alliance, FL
2016  Visiting Artist, Northwest Medical Center, VT
2014  Vermont Leadership Institute
2014  Vermont Arts Education Summit
2013  Vermont Arts Summit
2013   Visiting Artist, Essex Peabody Museum, Boston, MA
2012   Visiting Lecturer, Plymouth State University, Plymouth, NH
2011   Visiting Artist, Essex Peabody Museum, Boston, MA
2011   Visiting lecturer, artist, and workshop facilitator, Claypool-Young Art Gallery, Morehead, KY
2010   Visiting lecturer and workshop program, Suffolk University, Boston, MA
2008   Visiting Lecturer, Artist Critic Series, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA
2006   Creative Industries Business Lecture Program, Wigan, Manchester UK

grants and awards
2023  Artist Support Grant, United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County, NC
  Creative Community Fellowship, National Art Strategies. Supported by the Barr Foundation
2015   Vermont Arts Council Artist Development Grant
2014   Vermont Arts Endowment Fund of the Vermont Community Foundation
2012   Ben & Jerry’s Foundation Community Arts Grant
2012   Toadlily Press Cover Contest for 2012 Quartet Series Poetry Chapbook, Embark
2012   Vermont Arts Council Artist Development Grant
2011   Grants for the 2011 River of Light Lantern Procession: Vermont Arts Council & Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Community Arts Grants
2011   Vermont Arts Council Creation Grant
2009   City of Montpelier Community Arts Grant
2007   Full Fellowship Award for the Vermont Studio Center
2006   International Scholarship for Vermont Studio Center residency
2006   Arts Council England, Professional Development Grant
2005/04   Creative Industries Development Award
2002   Arts Council England, Professional Development Award

bibliography (articles/ reviews/ publications)
2023 Podcast Interview with Why Change: A podcast for the creative Generation.
2022  Co-author of ITAC’s Teaching Artistry for Social Impact with Eric, Booth: an online learning course created in partnership Kadenze
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education & training
Kennedy Center Making the Special Education-Art Education Connection Program 2021
Vermont Art Council Arts Connect Arts-Integration Professional Development Program 2013
City and Guilds in pattern cutting and garment construction, 2006
Taigh Chearsabhagh, North Uist, Outer Hebrides 2004
National Diploma in design (distinction) / Foundation course in art and design
Manchester Polytechnic 1991