I have been a visual teaching artist for over twenty years and am passionate about arts integration and community building.

I strongly believe in the connective and remedial power of the arts and the vital role that creativity and self-expression play in every life. I also believe in classroom collaboration and creating powerful and meaningful arts experiences which students can use to support their learning, empower themselves, build empathy, and and connect to others and the world around them.

Below are just a few examples of the projects and programs I have been involved with over the past 15 years. I have worked in partnership with a wide variety of organizations both within formal education and informal learning, galleries and museums, theater groups, health organizations, prisons and voluntary agencies; working with children, young people, and adults from diverse communities and backgrounds.

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Lantern Parades 2010-
Artistic direction, workshop facilitation, parade design, and project management.

Peabody Essex Museum, MA 2013
Day-long interactive Rangoli performance at the Peabody Essex Museum.

The Paper Boat Bicycle 2006
A collaborative project, commissioned by Walk the Plank for the opening of the Bridgewater Way Canal Towpath.

Exodus Refugee Festival 2006
Design and production of site decor for Exodus Music and Arts Festival. Commissioned by Community Arts North West, Manchester, UK.

Recycled Graffiti Wall 2006
Creation of a graffiti wall highlighting environmental concerns, using recycled materials and paper mosaic techniques.

Sea Tremors 2005
Commissioned by Lime Hospital Arts for the Manchester Dental Hospital, Manchester UK.  Community participation came from the Abbey Hey Youth Club. UK.

‘Play it Safe’ 2005
Design and production of a giant interactive board game board for Road Safety Awareness Campaign. In conjunction with Ordsall Community Arts, UK.

Now We Talkin’ 2004
Stage set design commissioned by Community Arts North West, for the Youth Arts Programme, UK.

Bombay Bovine 2004
Bombay Bovine was cow no. 83 as part of Cow Parade, Manchester. Commissioned by CITE (Commissions in the Environment) and involved local community groups. Photograph by Jay Savoor.

Spirit of Friendship Festival, Barbados 2001
Education and research programme with the Barbados Legion and local communities in Barbados.  In conjunction with Trafford Borough Council and the Imperial War Museum North.

Lantern Procession , Lincoln Center Education 2016
Lantern workshops and day-time procession for Lincoln Center Education, NYC.

Educational Experiences and Offerings:

  • Teacher Institutes and Professional Development Workshops educators, and powerful learning experiences with a focus on the arts and creativity
  • Keynotes and talks for artists, educators and life-long learners
  •  School and community residency and workshop programs, examples include:
    – Lantern-making residency (can be integrated with math and community engagement)
    – Rangoli cultural residency (can be integrated with math or social studies)
    – Environmental arts workshops
    – Stage-set design and site decor