To see more information on lantern-making residencies and parade events, please see the Lanterns section of the News page. 

Hosting a lantern-making residency in your school or community is a unique and thrilling experience. The residency culminates in a celebratory, outdoor processional event after dark that engages students, teachers, parents, and community members. Participants use a variety of construction techniques and materials including willow, tissue paper, and led lights. Please visit our new website, A River of


“So many parents are gushing over the lantern parade. What a beautiful sight with children proud of their creations and installing a sense of community. It seemed like the perfect residency.”
Rumney School Parent, Middlesex VT

“Standing on Main Street, watching the parade pass by, I was struck by the incredible power of art and community, and how joyful all of us were on [this] special night. For a short time, we put aside our fears and fatigue and reveled in an expression of togetherness, art and light. This event exemplifies the power of art in evoking the strength of the human spirit.”
Rep. Tom Stevens, Waterbury VT