We Are Montpelier, Stage-Set Design

In April 2015, I was one of two resident artists–along with composer Evan Premo–for the Main Street Middle School in Montpelier. In collaboration with the Community Engagement Lab, I worked with forty 7th and 8th graders, to design and construct a stage-set to reflect the theme of My Hometown. The students used a wide variety of techniques and materials and created the sculptural components to explore themes such as income inequality, food insecurity, homelessness and community. Some of these topics have been studied through math, science and social studies lessons, but they also had the opportunity to research maps and map design, architectural plans, scale and proportion and visual interpretations of data.

The final community performance took place on April 11th, and featured original works by Judd Greenstein, solo performances by David Stith and Mary Bonhag and music by the Counterpoint Chorus and the Vermont Festival Orchestra.