I have been a full-time Visual-Teaching Artist since 2000, both in the UK and the US, with experience in arts integration and UDL (Universal Design for Learning).
I strongly believe in classroom collaboration and creating powerful and meaningful arts experiences, which students can use to support their learning, and empower themselves throughout their lives. Some educational opportunities and offerings are listed below:

  • Teacher Institutes and Professional Development Workshops: professional development for educators, and powerful learning experiences with a focus on the arts and creativity
  • Keynotes and talks for artists, educators and life-long learners
  • ¬†School and community residency and workshop programs:
    Some examples include…
    – Lantern-making residency (can be integrated with math and community engagement)
    – Rangoli cultural residency (can be integrated with math or social studies)
    – Environmental arts workshops
    – Stage-set design and site decor
  • I am available for team-building and corporate retreats